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VIDEO RELEASE "The Essence is inside of you"

The first music video of the CD "Charismatic" was released November 8th 2018.

With the help of videographer Tyler Johnson, Laura filmed the music video in Santa Margarita River trail, San Diego County and in the hills of Fallbrook, CA. “The pulse of my heart is marching with the beat of the drums while I stroll along in nature to connect with the essence of being, the essence of life: the breath, the present moment”.

This song is about finding the essence of life within myself, awakening gratitude and true love inside my heart.The philosophy of the song in a few words: “Keep it simple and raw, just make ends meet. Never carry many things, just follow the stream.”

The song was recorded at an open mic session at Studio 770 Brea, CA in 2013 and was the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with piano player Ron Kobayashi and other Orange County bands such as Square One Jazz, resulting in Laura’s second album “CHARISMATIC”, due to release January 2019.


Music by Laura Valle

Lyrics by Richard Farrell

Piano: Ron Kobayashi

Bass: Sam Montooth

Drums: Chris Rioux

Background voices: Richard Farrell

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 770, Brea California.

Engineered by Troy Ambroff

Video by Tyler Johnson (OL’TJP Films)

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