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San Diego Voyager interviews Laura

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours? I grew up in Buenos Ares; an intensely, large city where I was immersed in arts, performing theatre and singing with local bands. These experiences prepared me for my move to Europe to pursue music studies. I resided in Switzerland for 12 years where besides studying classical and jazz music, I toured with many bands from Tango, Bossa Nova, Jazz, and Pop-flamenco. I also sang in radio shows, festivals and large events in Switzerland, Germany, and France. There was a strong appreciation for musicians everywhere we performed in Europe, we treated like royalty. But that was not enough; I knew I wanted to grow musically, create music of my own and live in a sunny place. Then came Southern California in 2002; as an opportunity for my husband and me to settle down. A completely new chapter in my life and career.

It was very hard at the beginning but rewarding through the challenges and opportunities; California awarded me. Out of the crystal pond into the ocean, that is how I felt for a couple of years until I started to find my musicians, my venues, my way to make a living off music while I became the songwriter/producer/performer I am today. I have met so many incredible artists and producers in California such as; John Chiodini, Ron Kobayashi, Bill Hartel, Guillermo Bordarampe, etc. I was able to perform at venues such as the Ford Amphitheater Los Angeles, Museum of Latin American Art Long Beach and the IV C. Gardel Tango Festival Long Angeles, Make Music Pasadena and many jazz clubs in Orange County.

All these years I have been traveling back to Argentina, performing and recording music and videos there too. There is an extremely vibrant cultural scene in that city which I wish could gain more exposure to the world.

Please tell us about your art. Putting together a show and singing with a great band is thrilling for me. Whether it is an intimate performance or an upbeat one for a larger crowd, I strive to engage my audience and drive the listener into a relaxing, yet uplifting vibe. I love to share with my fans, a diversity of styles from different parts of the world and bring something new or divergent into their musical perspective. That is why I sing Jazz, Bossa Nova, Tango, Latin Pop, Latin Jazz, Boleros, South American Music, and Soul which creates my unique fusion.

My first album “Perlas” was inspired from the music of Argentina, my home town, and in fact, was recorded during my trips to Buenos Aires. The result is a fusion of Tango, Jazz, Cumbia, Candombe, Flamenco and other Argentinean styles with my spin and stories.

In my second album “Charismatic,” I explore my American side of music: Jazz, Pop, Funk, Soul and a little bit of Latin as vehicles to write songs about human nature, relationships, passionate encounters, in an optimistic and upbeat fashion. The musicians who collaborated with me on this album are the most talented Orange County Jazz players such as Ron Kobayashi, Bill Hartel, Sam Montooth, Isaac Sanchez, and Logan Bacharach.

Given everything that is going on in the world today, do you think the role of artists has changed? How do local, national or international events and issues affect your art? The role of the artist always remains to entertain and inspire, but we can also provoke and awaken. The artists are a mirror of the society in which they live. In my case I get inspired by social events which are happening now, that comes out in a subject for a song, for example, I write about people walking towards America from their countries. They are walking away from misery and violence, or the feeling of fear like after a terror attack, and the need to come closer together to get stronger again. Although I like standard, classic, glamorous songs, there is a side of me striving to look deeper into this world and cultivate compassion. The realization and messages are also part of my sensitive, artistic persona.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work? My albums “Perlas” and “Charismatic” are available on all digital platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon for download or stream. Fans can find my contact information to hire my band for home concerts and events on my website, www.LauraValleMusic.com.

People can find my videos on my YouTube channel LauraValleMusic. The last one “The Essence is inside of you” was filmed in Santa Margarita River Trail, San Diego County.

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