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Charismatic gets favorable reviews

“On her sophomore album, Charismatic, charming Argentine singer-songwriter Laura Valle proves that a great melody is the universal language, as she offers lyrics in Spanish, English and German” Bobby Reed- Downbeat Editor’s Pick May 2019


”Charismatic is a truly fiting title to Laura Valle's new studio release. In fact, this talented singer has loads of charisma, and she is able to create a spontaneous, seamless and natural combination of jazz and pop. Her voice is versatile and almost hypnotic. At times, she can sound sultry and deep, but she also knows how to brighten and liven up the mix with her unique dynamics." Jazz Corner - Feb 27, 2019


“Laura Valle is a singer and performer with a passion for soulful jazz tones and sultry melodies…Valle is able to deliver emotional and inspiring performances which truly connect with listeners on a much deeper level.” Ink19, Stacey Zering


"Charismatic appeals to a wide audience with sultry vocals, upbeat tempos, smooth walking bass, and expert piano melodies”. Lee Callaghan, Evolution Music Press - Jan 15, 2019


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