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Animatic video "Charismatic"

Gloucester Records artist Laura Valle will release her brand new music video for the song named after her latest album “Charismatic" by the end of January 2020.

This upbeat pop-jazz tune tells the love story of a young couple going out on dates and falling in love with each other.

The song inspired Argentinean artist Federico Montenegro to create a story and animatic video situated in the city of New Orleans. The couple's dates take unexpected turns and the girl blames the boy's “charismatic eyes“ for her clumsy actions. Other artist came along to collaborate such as Julian Alvarez, Alejo Vigliati and Alejandro Zapico.

Laura Valle's second Album “Charismatic” (Jan 2019) is an seamless fusion of Latin, Jazz, funk and pop. Featuring songs sung in Spanish, German and English, Charismatic appeals to a wide audience with sultry vocals, upbeat tempos, smooth walking bass, and expert piano melodies. The Album “Charismatic” is available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital outlets.

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